My favorite Websites to plan a Trip

When I’m off on a road trip, there are a few websites that I have bookmarked for easy access. Many of you know how many road trips I take so these resources are invaluable for me! I hope you find them useful too.

Google Maps:
This is actually my favorite site.  It helps me plan road trips that get to all the places I want to go.  If I want a quick highway-only kind of trip, I can do that.  If I want to stick to the local roads, I can do that too.  Google Maps tells me where the construction will be and how long the trip will take.

National Park Service:
Our country has so many amazing sights to see and the NPS has preserved many of them.  When I know I’m going to a particular Park, like Yellowstone, or the Sand Dunes, or Arches, I take a look at this website to see what I need to be aware of and how to best plan my trip.

I’ll admit it.  My backcountry camping days are over!  If I am camping, I want a place with a shower and a real toilet!  I’ve been camping at KOA’s for most of my life as my parents took us around the country in our VW Camper in the early ’70’s.  This site helps me find a campground near where I’m heading.

The American Automobile Association is invaluable. From providing road side assistance, to maps and guides, to guided tours and cruises, to helping you buy and insure a car, AAA is a one stop place for most of my travel needs.

Of course Google. It’s how I find out just about everything.  (Plus I love the Google Doodles.)

Local Chamber of Commerce sites:
Once I’ve decided on a destination, I search for the local Chambers.  What activities are going on?  Which businesses cater to tourists?  Are there any coupons?  What funky tourist attraction is this town known for?

This site is helpful when I’m planning to stay at a hotel on the way.   I’ve even found that Yahoo!Travel has access to lower prices than some of the other “discount” sites.


Questions? Comments? Feel free to post them below. I’ll try to respond to every single one!

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