Gail’s favorite websites

Several months ago, I blogged about Chris’ favorite websites.  People keep asking me what mine are so here goes!


For searching, I prefer Google over all the other search sites like Bing or Yahoo.  I think it’s results are accurate – it finds what I am looking for, especially if I use the provided search tools, like Images, Video, Date, etc.

News Sites:

I’m a Jersey girl and grew up with the Sunday New York Times – every week!  For a long time I didn’t like it because at my friend’s house, they had a newspaper with comics!  But as I got older, I learned how to read  and enjoy it.  Now it’s my go-to website for what’s going on in the world.

I like the Huffington Post for its left-leaning news, and its separate pages for meditation, healthy living, and eastern religions.

I started following Mashable on Twitter ages ago.  Now, the website is my go-to site for news that not everyone is writing about.


Call me weird, but I have a huge collection of books.  I like LibraryThing because it helps me keep them organized.  You can borrow and lend books with other LibraryThing members too.


If I ever have a question about a movie, or an actress, or who was that guy in that TV show, I head over to, short for Internet Movie database.


In the spring, there are a couple of webcams pointed at eagle nests.  I found it very relaxing to watch the mama and papa eagles tend the eggs and then the eaglets.  There’s one from Minnesota, one from Georgia, and one from Pennsylvania.  The webcams generally operate from February thru July.


What are your favorite websites?  Let me know why!

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